Partnership & Team

The 2018 conference was prepared by the Austrian Federal Chancellery, in cooperation with the Austrian National Youth Council and the European Youth Forum.

Austrian Federal Chancellery, Division for Women and Equality

The division for Women and Equality was the coordinator and main organiser of the conference. In light of the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2018, the division initiated the planning of the Gender Equality conference in 2017 and invited partner organisations to join in the preparation.

Austrian National Youth Council

The Austrian National Youth Council (Bundesjugendvertretung, BJV) was a cooperation partner for organising this conference. It is the official and legally established representative body of children and youth. Together with its more than 50 member organisations it is a strong voice for interests and ideas of around 3 million young people between 0 and 30 in Austria.

European Youth Forum

The European Youth Forum (YFJ) was a cooperation partner for organising the conference. It is the platform of youth organisations in Europe. It represents 104 youth organisations from all over Europe.


Alexandra Beweis and Elisabeth Hanzl have been facilitating the participatory preparation process and were also the main facilitators of the conference. Both have a professional background in international youth work and participation. They will be supported by six breakout session hosts in the course of the conference.

For more information about the conference partners please visit their websites.