EU Presidency

Austria assumed its third presidency of the Council of the European Union on 1 July 2018, following its presidencies in 1998 und 2006.

Within the 6-month presidency, many events ranging from informal ministerial meetings and conferences to expert meetings and cultural events will take place in Austria.

The Austrian Presidency’s initiatives on gender equality

In the field of Gender Equality, Austria uses her Presidency of the Council of the European Union to inspire an open and future-oriented dialogue on gender equality. Austria aims at restoring political attention for and strengthening the discourse on gender equality in the EU.

One part of this initiative will be the European conference Gender Equality and YOU. Additionally, informal ministerial meetings will take place in parallel to the conference Gender Equality and YOU.

The regular meeting of the High-Level Group on Gender Mainstreaming took place in Vienna in July 2018.

Also, a draft for Council conclusions on the topic of Gender Equality, Youth and Digitalisation will be tabled by the Austrian presidency.

The Trio Presidency

To ensure the continuity of the EU’s work in the Council, successive presidencies work together in groups of three. The Trio Presidency adopts a common programme determining the priorities and objectives that will be addressed by the Council over the 18‑month period covered by their presidencies.

The current Trio Presidency is made up of the presidencies of Austria and its predecessors Estonia (in the second half of 2017) and Bulgaria (in the first half of 2018). There is a joint programme for the entire 18‑month period of the current Trio Presidency.

Also, the current trio adopted a joint declaration on equality between women and men.