Gender Equality and You. Young Voices. Joint Initiative.

The European conference Gender Equality & YOU takes place on 11-12 October 2018 in Vienna, Austria. 

The conference will be dedicated to the future priorities for the work on gender equality in the EU. It will be a space where people of diverse generations, backgrounds and organisations meet and discuss at eye level: young people and youth representatives, Ministers for Gender Equality, political representatives from EU organisations as well as experts from NGOs and public institutions.


The entire event is being prepared together with youth organisations and young people to ensure that their voices and ideas are the basis of the conference agenda.


Experts and newbies in the area of gender equality are welcome to join in the interactive and participatory event.


In a future-oriented dialogue participants will be invited to share their personal views and develop a joint vision on the future of gender equality in the EU.

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Conference topics

Find our in which areas of life our participants see a need to strengthen gender equality.

Let’s work together for more gender equality.

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